High-rigidity and high-precision mechanical structure

  • Main mechanical structures, such as: base, column, beam, saddle and headstock, etc., are made of Meehanite casting iron with the process of heat treatment to release the residual stress to ensure every actual miniature movement and to maintain a long-lasting accuracy.
  • Box-shaped structural design on beam, together with ladder-like layout of linear guideway makes the combining span of saddle wider and assures a powerful and stable machining capability on the spindle.
  • The design with 3-axis roller-type high-precision linear guide-ways, of high rigidity and low friction, acquires a quick response in acceleration and deceleration.
  • Gear-driven X-axis assures the optimal performance in transmission with heavy loading.
  • The counterweight design of dual hydraulic cylinders on spindle, together with the auxiliary Nitrogen counterweight makes it working smoothly with optimal dynamic accuracy.

High-precision and high-performance on headstock

  • In accordance with different machining demands, spindles on BC series can choose either gear-drive or direct-drive, ranging from 6Krpm to 10Krpm.
  • Gears within the gear box on headstock are of the highest quality render the highest transmission efficiency.
  • The complete cooling system for spindle and gear makes spindle well-lubricated, effectively refrains from thermal growth and decreases thermal deformation.
Items Unit BC3116
X axis mm 3100
Y axis mm 1600
Z axis mm 800
Distance from spindle nose to table mm 200 - 1000
Distance from spindle ncenter to column surface mm 430
Distance between columns mm 1700
Dimension mm 3000 x 1500
Max. load kg 7000
T-slot (width x pitch x number) mm 22 x 200 x 8
Spindle type - Gear
Spindle speed rpm 6000
Motor power (cont./30 min rated) kW 18.5 / 22
Spindle taper - BT50
Feed Rate
Rapid traverse(X / Y / Z) m/min 24 / 24 / 15
Cutting feed rate mm/min  1~10000
Motor power (X / Y / Z) kW 7.0 / 7.0 / 4.0
ATC type -  Arm
Magazine capacity pcs 24 
Max. tool diameter / next pocket empty mm 125 / 215
Max. tool length mm 400
Max. tool weight kg 15
Tool shank - BT 50
Pull stud - MAS 407
Space & System Requirement
Pneumatic pressure kgf/cm² 6
Electrical power consumption kVA 55
Machine net weight kg 28000
Max. floor space (W x L x H) mm 800X4700X4600
A. Standard Accessories B. Optional Accessories
1. Fanuc 0iMF controller 1. 10000 rpm, BT50, direct-drive type spindle
2. 6000 rpm, BT50, gear type spindle 2. 22/26 kW motor power(for Fanuc NC only)
3. 24T, BT 50, arm type ATC 3. 32T, BT50, arm type ATC

Twin hydraulic cylinders with pneumatic

assistance balancing system

4. Coolant through tool holder
5. Spindle air blast 5. Coolant through spindle(CTS, 30 BAR)
6. Cutting air blast 6. Ball screw cooling system
7. Spindle oil cooler 7. Linear scales(3 axes)
8. Spindle gear box cooling system 8. 1,000mm Z-axis travel
9. Cutting coolant system 9. 200mm higher column(Remark 1.
10. Automatic centralized lubrication system(oil) 10. Sub-table
11. Full enclosure(without top cover) 11. Oil skimmer
12. Working light 12. Oil mist device
13. Indication tower light 13. Air conditioner for electrical cabinet
14. Coolant gun & air gun 14. 4th axis rotary table
15. Chip conveyor & chip collector 15. 4th axis rotary table interface preservation
16. Chip augers 16. Tool length measurement system
17. Coolant tank 17. Workpiece measurement system
18. Manual pulse generator(MPG) 18. Manual 90° head, extended head, universal head
19. Ethernet & RS-232 interface 19. Transformer
20. Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet 20. Full enclosure(with top cover)
21. Tool kits 21. CE(CE area only)
22. Leveling blocks and bolts    
23. Operation manuals    
24. One-year machine warranty    
25. Controller warranty(Fanuc:24 months from shipping date)    


Remark 1.  Reference for the distance from spindle nose to table (unit: mm)

Z axis travel Higher column Distance from spindle nose to table
800 Standard 200~1,000
200 400~1,200
1000 Standard 200~1,200
200 400~1,400


BC Series