Feature of machine

  • Standard spindle 12,000rpm / option 20,000rpm
  • Rigid tapping 4,000rpm
  • Tool taper BT30
  • Rapid traverse 48x48x48 m/min
  • ATC (T-T: 1.5 sec)
  • Direct-drive spindle
  • 3-axis high-rigidity linear guideway
  • Minimal space requirement, the front-sided width is 1,700mm only, so the space required is economical.

High-rigidity structural design

  • 3-axis travel is 500x400x320mm. Designed for high-speed and high-accuracy machining, the linear guideways adopted are of high-speed and high-precision grade.
  • Main mechanical structures, such as: base, column, saddle, etc., are made of Meehanite casting iron.
  • To ensure the accuracy in slight feed-rate and the long-lasting performance in accuracy, a) the structural design for the casting iron of the base is of box-shaped, of groove-like and of high rigidity, b) the span of the blocks on linear guideways for headstock is widened with great rigidity, c) the casting iron through heat treatment is to remove its intrinsic stress.
  • The precision direct-drive couplings for 3 axes between ballscrew and motor can enhance the rigidity of movement and the accuracy of positioning.
  • Centralized automatic lubrication injection system to 3-axis ballscrews and linear guideways.
  • The enlarged and widened door makes it easier in workpiece loading and unloading.
  • Fully-enclosed splash guard (opt.).

Rapid and stable tool-changing system

  • The tool-changing system is of mechanical type, of which the structure is simple and stable, by which the non-machining time is less and by which the operation efficiency is uplifted.

Direct-drive spindle

  • Being transmitted by direct-drive spindle is able to reduce the power loss through power transmission, which can lower the machining deviation/error, caused by belt-drive, in high-speed tapping, and can elongate the service hours of the tool and escalate the efficiency of spindle motor to its maximum.
  • Option, 20,000rpm spindle (Mitsubishi/option).
Items Unit VT500
X axis mm 500
Y axis mm 400
Z axis mm 320
Distance from spindle nose to table mm 160-480 (short column)
260-580 (long column)
Dimension mm 650 x 400
Max. load kg 250
T-slot (width x pitch x number) mm 14 x 125 x 3
Spindle type - Direct - drive
Spindle speed rpm 12000(STD)/ 20000(OPT)
Motor power (cont./S3-25%)(Fanuc control) kW 3.7 / 5.5
Spindle taper - BT30
Feed Rate
Rapid traverse(X / Y / Z) m/min 48 / 48 / 48
Cutting feed rate mm/min 1 - 10000
Motor power (X / Y / Z) kW 1.5 / 1.5 / 2.2
ATC type -  Tool Turret
Magazine capacity pcs 21
Max. tool diameter mm 80
Max. tool length mm 150
Max. tool weight kg 3
Space & System Requirement
Pneumatic pressure kgf/cm² 6
Electrical power consumption kVA 20
Machine net weight kg 2500
A. Standard Accessories B. Optional Accessories
1. Fanuc 0iMF-Plus 10.4” 1. 20000 rpm, BT30, Direct drive
2. 12000 rpm, BT30, Direct drive 2. Long column
3. 21 tools, BT30, Turret 3. Spindle oil cooler
4. Spindle air curtain 4. Full enclosed splash guard
5. Cutting coolant system 5. Chip conveyor
6. Flush coolant system 6. Workingpiece measurement system
7. Manual pulse generator (MPG) 7. Tool length measurement system
8. Full splash guard 8. rotary table
9. Working lamp 9. CNC tilting rotary table (4+1 axis)
10. Indication lamp 10. Transformer
11. Tool package 11. Coolant through spindle (20bar)
12. Heat exchanger in electrical cabinet (Fan type) 12.  
13. Leveling blocks and bolts 13.  

One-year machine warranty

(Spindle warranty upon spindle manufacturer)


Controller warranty

(Controller warranty upon controller manufacturer)